Why Upgrade your Trigger?

Why Upgrade To The Rock River Arms AR-15 2 Stage Trigger

Rock River Arms AR-15 2 Stage Trigger If you have an AR 15 you’ve probably considered making some upgrades to it. The modularity of the platform allows the owner to swap stocks, handguards, optics, complete upper receivers, and even swap caliber quite easily. When owning an AR 15 it’s almost a must to do a bit of accessorizing. Most people tend to enjoy upgrading the external accessories for both comfort and visual appeal, but the insides should not be ignored.

In fact many people with AR 15s feel their stock trigger is perfectly acceptable and never get out and compare their triggers something that been upgraded. Another factor is many AR owners do caught up in the visually pleasing upgrades and forget the internals are what makes the weapon tick.

The trigger specifically is a major part in the precision of your rifle. To really get the full potential out of your weapon you need a match grade trigger. These triggers can make a world of difference. An excellent example is the Rock River Arms AR-15 2 stage trigger. Rock River Arms makes everything AR, including complete rifles, uppers, lowers, lower parts kits, and of course triggers.

These parts are popular enough that you can find a Rock River National match trigger for sale quite easily, of course you can find one here at JoeBob’s, with an unbeatable price.  This is a match grade 2 stage trigger that drops into an AR 15 with ease, and only requires basic AR building skills.

2 stage triggers allow the user to defeat the first stage and then perfect their sight picture in the second stage before finishing the shot. This gives the shooter that extra half second to make the perfect shot without interrupting the trigger pull. The 2 stage Rock River arms trigger is designed for precision shooting, and not so much dynamic sports or duty weapons.

If you are looking for a Rock River National Match trigger review, I can give a short one. It Rocks. Okay I can do a little better. The trigger is as smooth as glass, and breaks very consistently. The trigger comes in at about 4.5 lbs and has almost no creep. The two stage trigger does put more time between double taps, and hammer pairs, but that’s kind of the point of two stage triggers in the first place.

Also to increase the reliability and overall function of the trigger it’s a good idea to use parts from similar companies with similar functions, and even better to stick with one company for your lower receiver parts. Rock River produces everything, including a Rock River National Match trigger lower parts kit. This is everything you need to install a match grade trigger and get match grade performance.

So if you could choose one upgrade what would it be? The stock? The Rail system? Well why not the trigger, a precision trigger whether it’s a Rock River arms 2 stage, or a Hiperfire Single stage is going to do more for target engagement than anything else. So consider upgrading the internals, and getting as much performance as possible from your rifle.