Basics of Building a Custom AR-15

Basics of Building a Custom AR-15

Building a Custom AR-15The AR 15 is rapidly taking its place as one of the most popular guns across the country. This highly versatile and easily customizable gun offers durability, precision, and comfort of use for a wide variety of gun owners, including those looking for the perfect recreational gun, hunting gun, competition gun, or self-defense gun. The size and power of the rifle make it impressive, while the construction and ease of use make it approachable even if you have not used guns extensively in the past.

While it is possible to purchase a fully pre-made rifle, creating your own allows you to modulate the gun to meet your specific needs using a variety of AR15 parts. Before jumping into the project, it is important to understand the basic process so you are prepared to make the right decisions for the type of rifle you want to create.

What type of rifle do you want?

The first step in making sure you make the type of gun you want is understand exactly what type of gun that is. A hunting gun is different than a competition gun, and that is different again from a self-defense gun. By evaluating your goals for your gun you are able to choose the proper parts for your project. The degree to which you customize your gun depends on how comfortable you are with the components, your personal level of skill, and your budget. You can build a partially-customized gun using some pre-built components such as AR 15 complete uppers and then choosing the rest of the components or go all-out and select every single part and detail for a totally unique and personalized gun.

Know the Legal Specifics

One of the most important things to realize about building a custom AR 15 rifle is the legal details regarding the lower. While you can easily purchase all of the other components of your rifle, more goes into the purchase of the lower. According to the government, the lower is the actual gun, meaning in most situations it must be registered and tracked. AR-15 lower parts kits help to resolve this issue. As long as the lower is not fully complete, you can legally purchase it online without having to pick it up from an authorized dealer. This is fantastic if you are planning on customizing your own gun because you are able to select from a range of partially-complete components, such as AR 15 lower parts kits with trigger components, and complete them when building your gun.

Benefits of Building Your Own Rifle

  • Sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from crafting your own firearm
  • Ability to personalize the style and appearance of your gun for a totally unique item honed to show off your personality and your skills
  • The option to choose AR-15 parts and accessories according to your budgetary constraints. By building your own gun you are able to determine which components are the most important depending on your particular usage goals for the gun and spend the most money on those components, choosing less expensive basic parts and accessories for the other aspects of the rifle so you can control the cost of your gun, often saving yourself money over buying a fully assembled rifle or paying for someone else to build you yours.

Get in touch with us to discuss your custom AR-15 project and let us help you ensure you have all of the parts, accessories, and kits to create the perfect gun for your needs.