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Seekins Precision Gun Products.

Toughest AR 15 Firearms Parts

Seekins Precision Gun ProductsWhen building an AR 15 rifle you are going to encounter a lot of different companies producing a lot of different parts. This can be confusing to the first time builder who is flooded with different ideas, different companies, and different options. Sorting the best can be a bit like straining tea, if you're not careful you can get burned.

Seekins precision is a company that can keep your hand from getting burned.

Seekins Precision has been producing pretty much everything AR for the better part of the AR craze. They have established a name that allows them to attach precision to it without batting an eye. For example the Seekins precision adjustable gas block has proven itself to be a custom AR enthusiast’s dream. This gas block allows the shooter to fine tune the gas block for low mass bcgs, and even for the use of suppressors. Operation and installation is easy, and allows for the precise amount of gas to regulate the system.

The latest and greatest AR 15 handguards are keymod systems. These systems are designed to minimize weight and do not come complete with full length rails. The keymod system allows the user to install rails where and only where they need them. This reduces weight, and allows for quicker cooling around the barrel. The Seekins Precision MCSR free floating handguard is a keymod handguard that is not only an excellent handguard, but free floating as well. This keeps any pressure from the handguards from affecting the barrel and interfering with accuracy. This handguard has an aggressive styling that is visually appealing and is rock solid when mounted on a rifle.

Now what’s good for operators isn’t the best for all of us. Some of us are less shoot terrorists and more shoot paper targets for competition. That’s where the Seekins Precision SP3R handguard comes into play. Designed for competition these handguards are key mod and flat bottomed for extra stability. The SP3R handguards and their flat bottoms are extremely solid and have absolute zero wiggle room. The flat bottom adds extra stability to bi pods and allows the weapon to be rested on flat surfaces when lacking a bi pod.

The Seekins Precision BAR rail, aka the Badass Rail, is a purpose built design. The purpose is to allow the use of suppressors with handguards that go beyond the gas block. This is more designed for short barreled, suppressor equipped rifles who need a bit more rail space. This is one of the few examples of rails built to be used with suppressors. The BAR rail by Seekins precision is not only a smart move, but a logical one. Suppressors are becoming more and more popular with the civilian market, so a rail to match only makes sense.

This is only a small sampling of the quality products Seekins Precision produces. They genuinely make some of the toughest firearms parts on the market. JoeBob Outfitter prides itself in carrying such high quality products by companies like Seekins Precision.