Upper Billeting

Best AR 15 Rifle Uppers For Sale. Complete Billet Upper Receiver

Upper Billeting

Complete Billet Upper Receiver Upper receivers for AR 15s can be made in a few different ways. They can be forged or billeted. Billeted upper receivers are made from a solid block of aluminum that is can be cut, and cnc’ed into an AR 15 upper receiver. These billet upper receivers are some of the best uppers out there. These billeted uppers are a bit heavier than forged uppers due to reinforced in certain points to increase their reliability and potentially their accuracy. These billeted aluminum uppers also allow more license for visual flexibility. In layman’s terms a billeted upper receiver set can look a lot better if the machinist chooses to be more artsy.

For example the Smooth Operator billet upper is a beautiful AR 15 upper. Its design is streamline and no nonsense, which gives it a unique look that turns heads. Spartan makes a variety of billeted accessories and pieces, including a billeted lower.

The Spartan isn’t the only billet upper receiver for sale, there is the Seekins Precision SP 223, and the Mega Arms, and all three of sold here at Joebob’s Outfitters, with free shipping.

Another option, and one of the best billet AR 15 uppers is the Spartan side charge billet upper. This is not the traditional AR upper with a rear charging handle, but a right handed side charging handle similar to the AK series of rifles. This style is preferred by some that feel it’s easier and faster to charge the weapon and clear malfunctions. This premium upper is one of the Best AR 15 uppers out there.

Billet uppers are an excellent option for your AR build.

Their designs can be quite unique and often much more personal than a mass produced forged upper. Billeted uppers are strong enough to be used for duty. Some may prefer forged uppers, but billeted offers work just as well and offer a different variety in both aesthetics and functional options.