The Heart of a Rifle the AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group

Rifle AR 15 And M16 Bolt Carrier Groups

The Heart of a Rifle the AR 15 Bolt Carrier Group

Rifle AR 15 And M16 Bolt Carrier GroupsThe bolt carrier group for an AR 15 is its heart and soul. While all pieces of necessary for the rifle to operate the bolt carrier group is special. It carries the firing pin, the extractor, ejector, the gas key, and does several different functions of the rifle. The bolt carrier group comes in several different configurations and choosing the right is important for proper function.

Different bolt carriers are tested in different ways at different levels. HPT or high pressure tests and MPI which is magnetic particle inspected. These tests are used to determine the strength of the BCG and inspect for any potential faults in the design. A high quality AR 15 bolt carrier group will be subjected to these tests to insure the BCG is of the highest quality. Bolt Carrier groups like the Seekins Precision low mass BCG is an example of MPI and HPT tested BCGs.

Something else to consider when searching for an AR15 bolt carrier group for sale is the phrase mil spec. Mil spec essentially means the BCG is built to military standards for strength and reliability. Mil spec can also be exceeded by BCGs that are nickle boron and are known to be much stronger than mil spec. An example of this would be the Spike’s Tactical Nickel Boron M16 BCG; coincidentally this is also one of the best AR 15 bolt carrier groups for sale on the civilian market.

Another important factor is whether you are looking for an AR 15 bolt carrier group or a M16 Bolt carrier group. Both can be made to mil spec, and the main difference is weight and quality. A bolt carrier for an M16 is heavier, and more reinforced, which when used in the military slows down the cyclic rate of fully automatic fire. The lighter weight AR 15 BCGs are often a bit cheaper and have a faster cycling rate.

Choosing the absolute best AR 15 BCG for sale is often quite difficult, and subjective. Many swear by mil spec since the BCGs in military rifles often see more use and are bound to work for a longer period of time. Some 3 gun competitors prefer the low mass, lightweight AR 15 bcgs for a more rapid cyclic rate since 3 Gun winners can be decided by tenths of a second.

When building an AR 15 or simply upgrading the shooter should consider their budget, what kind of performance expectation they need, and what is the rifle’s purpose.

Heavy users may prefer the nickel boron BCGs since they tend to more reliable, but more expensive. Others low mass for a high cyclic rate, or some are just happy with a budget friendly basic mil spec BCG. The options are expansive and there is something out there for everyone.