Polymer - The New Generation of AR 15 Magazines

Magpul AR 15 Rifle Magazines For Sale

Polymer - The New Generation of AR 15 Magazines

Magpul AR 15 Rifle Magazines For SaleThe use of polymers in the firearms market has been growing significantly since the early 1990s. The market began with the widespread use of polymer in Glock pistols and magazines. Since then polymer materials have proven themselves to be tough, lightweight, and long lasting, all important traits in firearms technology.

Magpul has been producing polymer AR 15 magazines for a number of years.

These polymer Magpul magazines have exploded in popularity. They have proven to be extremely durable and feed reliably, even when caked in dust and dirt. The Magpul AR 15 magazine was at first doubted due to it being polymer; many feared it would not strong as its metal brethren. Fears like that since have since been set aside due to the superiority of Magpul’s polymer magazine.

The military community has embraced the Magpul PMAG with open arms. Most soldiers and Marines have adopted the 30rd Magpul PMAG, but some designated marksmen prefer the 20 rd PMAGs. Commercially the Magpul PMAG is now the standard when it comes to the magazine included with AR15s.

When searching for AR15 magazines for sale one should not ignore the Magpul’s polymer magazine. These magazines have proven themselves around the world in some of the roughest places in the world. The PMAG has continued to evolve and adapt, with a variety of different generations available, each an evolution and adaption to the needs of our nation’s warfighters.

The PMAG’s polymer construction has reduced the weight of loaded magazines, and this weight reduction is greatly appreciated when carrying multiple magazines on a belt or on a plate carrier. The polymer material is less likely to dent and dented magazines are practically useless. Polymer does not rust and degrade after exposure to water, or even humid climates.

Magpul’s polymer magazines have proven themselves as strong, reliable, lightweight magazines. These magazine’s continued adoption by law enforcement and the military has proven the Magpul PMAG to be the last magazine you’ll ever need.