A Shoulder Full of Precision

Luth Precision stocks by Luth-AR are some of the finest made weapon accessories in the world.

A Shoulder Full of Precision

Luth-AR builds modular stocks for AR 15 rifles, and they are hands down some of the finest stocks out there. They produce one modular stock, capable of becoming purpose built for a variety of different applications. The AR 15 Luth stocks are quite distinct and very unique.

The Luth MBA-1 is the starting point for a stock that can adapt to any mission anywhere. The stock begins as a lightweight skeletonized platform. This simple platform can be completely bare, which makes for a lightweight stock. Lightweight stocks are much better for use in close quarters combat where long range precision shots are not necessary, but the speed of handling a weapon is.

Now you can start adding extensions to your Luth MBA stock in the form of a cheek plate, which is adjustable and allows you to gain a good cheek weld necessary for precision shots. This cheek plate is adjustable and is completely customizable for the end user.

A second addition to your Luth AR 15 stock is the butt plate assembly. This assembly allows the user to adjust the stock down to the smallest adjustments possible. This adds a new level of precision to your shooting, precision and comfort. The combination of both the cheek plate and butt plate assembly turn the basic stock to a precision Luth stock.

These Luth stocks are brilliant in design and make it extremely easy to make your rifle even more modular. A basic close quarters combat AR 15 can be turned into a precision rifle by swapping the upper receiver and then adding the necessary Luth parts to it. The Luth stocks take advantage of the modularity of the AR 15 and take it too a new level. Before these Luth stocks you were stuck with swapping out an entire stock, with the Luth it’s just a simple attachment of a few pieces.

The Luth stocks are not only modular, but are made extremely well.

These stocks are tough and feature seamless craftsmanship. These stocks are designed to work in dynamic environments so you don’t have to be afraid of getting them dirty and can rough them up. The Luth stocks are trooper, capable of handling whatever you can throw at them.