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Spartan  Billet Lower Receiver AR 15 Less Than $200

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Spartan  Billet Lower Receiver AR 15 LessSo what makes a billeted receiver different from any other AR 15 receiver? Well a billet AR 15 lower receiver is formed from a solid block of aluminum known as bar stock. A CNC machine will take that solid block of aluminum and cut it into an AR lower receiver. Billet lowers are known to be incredibly strong lower receiver. Another advantage is the visual advantage, a billet lower receiver features fine lines and beautiful machining. The craftsmen who design billet receivers have a lot of artistic leeway to form an upper the way they want it.

Billet AR 15 lowers are often more expensive due to the amount of aluminum utilized and the specialized tooling required. That being said one can still find a cheap billet AR 15 lower. The key to finding one is shopping around. The cheapest option is to purchase an 80 % lower receiver. New Frontier Armory produces a nice model, but beware you do need some machining skills and tools to finish the receiver.

The cheapest billet lower is made by a company known as Spartan. Their Spartan billet lower receiver is a stripped lower that comes in under two hundred dollars, and is sold below MSRP at Joebob’s Outfitters. The Spartan 15 is an attractive lower receiver with an absence of tool or weld marks. The solid design features an attractive Spartan helmet engraved on the mag well. The magazine well has a drop free design and a beveled bottom lip. Also for Law Enforcement and manufacturers the receiver’s low shelf design allows for full auto conversions. This may be a cheap AR billet lower, but in no way is of inferior quality.

Billet lower receivers are an excellent way to start a build for an AR 15 rifle.

Billeted receiver’s increased strength and high quality are guaranteed to last for decades. Billet made lowers are for the more discerning gun owner who looks to the utmost quality in his rifle.