The Key to Success- The AR trigger

Best AR Triggers Under $100.  AR 15 Trigger Comparison

The Key to Success- The AR trigger

Best AR Triggers Under $100The AR 15 is an extremely modular rifle designed over half a century ago for the United States military by Eugene Stoner. Eugene Stoner’s greatest creation was the AR 15, and he produced one of the most modular rifles in the world. Parts for the AR 15 can drop in and out with ease, including rail systems, optics, handguards, bolt carrier groups, stocks, and the list goes on and one. One of the most important pieces in any AR 15 is the trigger. The trigger is the key to success with any weapon.

Replacing an AR 15 trigger is quite simple and requires a simple set of instructions, and does not require the specialized knowledge of a gun smith. A replacement AR 15 trigger allows the user an additional option in a purpose built rifle. For example a long range AR 15 requires a different trigger than a close range, rapid firing 3 gun trigger.

A quick AR 15 trigger comparison of the available models out there shows a wide variety of different triggers for different purposes. For example the Timney 3 lb AR 15 trigger is a single stage trigger with a light pull which makes it perfect for rapid engagement of multiple close range targets. On the other hand the Geissele 2 Stage Trigger is much better for long range target engagement. The easy and light break of the second stage of a Geissele 2 stage is perfect for staying on target.  One has to take the time to compare AR 15 triggers to really the find the one that that matches their needs.

If you are working on your first AR 15 and trying to do so on a budget, but still want quality parts there are numerous trigger options available. Two of the best AR triggers under a hundred dollars is the ALG Defense Combat Trigger, which is actually tuned by Geissele. The ALG has an extremely light trigger pull due to its smoothed sear surfaces and Hardlubed trigger components. Another excellent tactical trigger is the Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger, this set up is completely mil spec, and features an extremely smooth trigger pull.

Another way to improve trigger pull is too replace AR 15 trigger and hammer springs. Kits are available like the JP Enterprises AR-15 Reliability Enhanced Reduced power Spring Kit, and the Ergo AR lower spring replacement kit. These high quality parts produce a lighter, more consistent trigger pull for more accurate shot after shot reliability.

The AR trigger is nearly as customizable and adaptable as the AR 15 rifle is. The trigger is one of the more important pieces to the AR 15 puzzle, and there is no one answer that fits everyone. Finding the best trigger for you is the goal.