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Hiperfire AR 10 Trigger

Hiperfire AR 10 TriggerThe trigger on any rifle makes or breaks it. Let’s face it without a quality trigger the most expensive rifle can become inaccurate and unreliable. Different rifles have different purposes and there are triggers out there that are designed to fill every niche and every category of rifle. So it makes since a purpose built rifle will have a purpose built trigger right?

With this we enter a trigger company called Hiperfire triggers. Hiperfire triggers are considered a premium brand and have a very loyal, nearly cult like following. Triggers made by HiperFire have an outstanding reputation for accuracy, quality, and reliability. Find any HiperFire trigger review and they are nothing but positive, and for good reason. The company produces a wide variety of triggers for a variety of rifles, including Hiperfire AR 15 trigger.

HiperFire triggers are built for a variety of different purposes. The Hiper Touch trigger is a single stage trigger designed for duty rifles, or self-defense rifles. Single stage triggers have little take up and are better for close range, rapid engagements. These are excellent for duty and self-defense rifles, but can be used for 3 Gun as well.

Speaking of 3 Gun you can use the standard Hiper Touch trigger, but the Hiper Touch 24 3G is a Hiperfire 3 gun trigger is infinitely better suited for the dynamic sport. The Hiper Touch is designed with practically no creep and has a very clean break, as well as three different user set weights. The trigger has a very audible reset that is also light and very short. This allows rapid transitions and follow ups, as well as superb accuracy and reliability. When seconds count, you don’t want to rely on a sloppy trigger.

Another competition trigger is the Hiperfire 24C. The Hiperfire 24C is designed for maximum precision. Although the trigger is not designed to be fired rapidly, it certainly can be. The Hiperfire 24C can be a 3 gun trigger on longer range 3 gun matches. The trigger is a single stage model with a straight trigger and adjustable trigger shoe to maximize trigger control. The user can also adjust the weight of the trigger to three different settings.

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The reviews of Hiperfire triggers like the Hipertouch 24E have raved about its short reset, its user set weight, and the clean and crisp break it provides. This trigger is designed as duty or 3 gun trigger. It offers only a slight bit of creep, just enough to double check your shot before you take it.