Nickel for Your Thoughts…. and Your Bolt Carrier Group

Bolt Carrier Groups AR-15, M16, M4. Nickel Boron BCG Advantage

Nickel for Your Thoughts…. and Your Bolt Carrier Group

Bolt Carrier Groups AR-15, M16, M4. Nickel Boron BCG AdvantageThe ever adapting and evolving AR 15 platform is a capitalist dream. You can buy a rifle and spend as much as your heart desires and wallet can afford in upgrades, you can completely change a rifle into nearly whatever you desire. The AR 15 is like a set of legos, or a Barbie doll, you can build and add accessories at your heart’s content. This is applicable to both inside and outside the weapon.

The bolt carrier group, or BCG, is the heart and soul of the rifle.

It handles most of the major functions of the rifle, and is the part that most commonly causes malfunctions. The bolt carrier group of a rifle is by the far the most important piece of the rifle, so it’s only natural to want the best BCG you can get.

This is where Nickel Boron enters the arena. Nickel boron is a hard plating material used on a variety of gun parts including 7.62 and 5.56 nickel boron bolt carrier groups for AR 15 and AR 10 rifles. This is nothing new about using nickel boron on BCGs, in fact some military and government agencies experimented with early M16s to create a M16 nickel boron bolt carrier group. The only thing that stopped widespread adoption was price, and the Vietnam War meant rifles were needed now and not later. This idea has been revisited recently by the military for a number of reasons.

The nickel boron BCG advantage is clear for the military who punish their rifles during training and deployments. One advantage is the smaller amount of friction generated when compared to a phosphate covered BCG. Nickel boron is a much slicker material that is less prone to malfunction from being dirty, from lack of lube, and does not run as hot. Nickel boron means less heavy maintenance is required, and when logistics fail to provide lubrication, a nickel boron BCG offers unparalleled advantages.

So it’s easy to see why nickel boron bcgs are better for the military, but are nickel boron BCGs better for you? Well do you like shooting heavily? Is your rifle for self-defense? Do you train and take courses? Do you complete in dynamic sports like 3 gun? Well if you answered yes to any of these, then a nickel boron BCG will work better for you.

The only bad thing about nickel boron BCGs is if you use an odd caliber. Most of the time nickel boron BCGs are for 5.56 and 7.62 rifles, since these are the most popular. Nickel boron BCGs are extremely reliable and capable pieces of gear that you and your rifle can truly depend on.