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BRN-532-242-006   #242 Blue Threadlocker
BRN-532-000-004WB   #248 Loctite Blue Threadlocker Stick
BRN-532-271-006   #271 Red Threadlocker
FedexGround   ***Fedex Ground ONLY-NO AIR OR USPS***
FedExGround18   ***FedEx Ground ONLY-NO AIR OR USPS-Must be 18 to purchase***
FedExGround21   ***FedEx Ground ONLY-NO AIR OR USPS-Must be 21 to purchase***
ODIN-BARRELGASBLOCK   ***Includes Odin Gas Block***
FreeTee   ***Only (1) Free Tee per order. Minimum order value of $100 to qualify. May be substituted based on availability***
FFL-Transfer Required-Pistol   ***This item does not qualify for free shipping and must ship 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air to an FFL Dealer! Cannot Ship With Ammo. Must be 21 to purchase pistols***
SOT-Transfer Required   ***This item requires transfer to FFL/Class3 Dealer! Please fax (785-621-4491) or e-mail copy of FFL dealer license & SOT paperwork. Must be 21 to purchase all NFA items***
CAR-00400   00400 Black Nylon 5 Tube Case
CAR-06601   06601 Speed Wrench 12 ga
MWPX-1020MAG291   10/20 MidwestPX Magpul M3 20LR 308 PMAG-Black
MWPX-1020M3BLK   10/20 MidwestPX Magpul M3 PMAG-Black
MWPX-1030M3BLK   10/30 MidwestPX Magpul M3 PMAG-Black
CAR-12222   12222 Remington 12ga Super Steel Modified Choke - 12222
CAR-12224   12224 Remington 12ga Super Steel Full Choke - 12224
CAR-12232   12232 Winchester/Browning Invector 12 ga Super Steel Modified - 12232
CAR-12234   12234 Winchester/Browning Invector 12 ga Super Steel Full - 12234
MWPX-1520MAG291   15/20 MidwestPX Magpul M3 20LR 308 PMAG-Black
MWPX-1520M3BLK   15/20 MidwestPX Magpul M3 PMAG-Black
MWPX-1530M3BLK   15/30 MidwestPX Magpul M3 PMAG-Black
MWPX-1530AKMOEBLK   15/30 MidwestPX Magpul MOE AK47 PMAG-Black
CAR-19583   19583 Remington 12ga EXT Turkey .660 - 19583
CAR-19592   19592 Beretta/Benelli 12ga Ext. Turkey .665 - 19592
CAR-19881   19881 Browning Invector Plus 12ga Ext Turkey .665 - 19881
CAR-00204   204 Choke Tube Case (Orange) - 00204
REM-300 Ultra Mag Silver Sport   300 Ultra Mag-Remington 700 Sporter Barrel Take Off - 300 Ultra Mag, 26inch, Silver Sport
GSS-RR-40k   40 Rifle Rods kit with 19"x60" loop fabric
AAC-0100206   AAC BLACKOUT FH 5.56MM 51T 1/2X28
AAC-O100209   AAC BLACKOUT FH 7.62MM 51T 5/8X24
AAC-0100188   AAC BLACKOUT Flash Hider 18T - BLACKOUT FH 5.56MM 18T 1/2X28
AAC-0100200   AAC BLACKOUT Flash Hider 18T - BLACKOUT FH 7.62MM 18T 5/8X24
AAC-0100183   AAC Blackout MB 5.56 51T 1/2x28
AAC-0100185   AAC BLACKOUT MB 51T - BLACKOUT MB 7.62MM 51T 5/8X24
AAC-100189   AAC Blackout MITER Flash Hider 5.56 51T 1/2x28
AAC-0100186   AAC BRAKEOUT FSC 5.56MM 51T 1/2X28
GUN-101997   AAC MPW 300BLK 16" with KAC Forearm Midlength URX II rail & Magpul CTR Stock
BT14   Accu-Shot "Sling Stud - Magpul PRS" - BT14
BT04-QK   Accu-Shot Monopod Standard height Stud Mount with QK01 Quick Knob - BT04-QK
BT13-QK   Accu-Shot Precision - PRM (Precision Rail Monopod) Mid-Range with QK02 Quick Knob - BT13-QK
BT05-QK   Accu-Shot Precision Monopod - Mid-Range Locking version with QK02 Quick Knob - BT05-QK
BT12-QK   Accu-Shot Precision Monopod for Rails/PRS Stocks w/ Quick Knob - BT12QK
BRN-080-000-659   Action Block/Vise Block Set (080-000-659)
ADAMS-UA-16-C-B-545   Adams Arms Carbine Base 5.45x39 Upper 16" Piston Upper w/ WOLFF Extra Power Hammer Spring & 30rd Magazine
ADAMS-UA-11.5-C-BASE-556   Adams Arms Carbine Base 5.56 Upper 11.5" Pistol/SBR Piston Upper
ADAMS-UA-16-C-B-556   Adams Arms Carbine Base 5.56 Upper 16" Piston Upper
ADAMS-UA-11.5-C-TEVO-556   Adams Arms Carbine Tactical 5.56 Evo Upper 11.5" Pistol/SBR Piston Upper
ADAMS-MPS-D-ADA   Adams Arms Mid Length .750" Piston Retrofit Kit
ADAMS-UA-14.5-M-B-556   Adams Arms Midlength Base 5.56 Upper 14.5" Pistol/SBR Piston Upper
ADAMS-UA-14.5-M-B-556-MFH   Adams Arms Midlength Base 5.56 Upper 14.5" Upper w/ Pinned Manimal Flash Hider
ADAMS-UA-16-M-B-556   Adams Arms MIDLENGTH Base 5.56 Upper 16" Piston Upper
ADAMS-UA-7.5-P-TEVO-556   Adams Arms PDW Tactical 5.56 EVO Upper 7.5" Pistol/SBR Piston Upper
AERO-APAR501603A   Aero Precision AR15 Assembled Upper Receiver-Black-W/ Forward Assist & Dust Cover Installed
AERO-APAR210400   Aero Precision Ultralight 1" Extended Scope Mount
AERO-APAR210500   Aero Precision Ultralight 30MM Extended Scope Mount
ALG-AKT   ALG Defense AK Trigger (AKT)
ALG-ACT   ALG Defense Combat Trigger-ACT-Tuned By Geissele
ALG-QMS   ALG Defense Quality Mil Spec Trigger-QMS-Tuned By Geissele
GRSCCAR-AMBI   Ambi Carbine Sling adapter w/ Holes and Slots-End Plate
GRSCCAR-A-2H   Ambi sling adapter CAR M4 - 2 HK holes-End Plate
ANDER-74603-UP-NOBCG   Anderson Manufacturing 16" 5.56 Upper Receiver (Without BCG or CH)
ANDER-LOWER-CLOSED   Anderson Manufacturing AR15 Lower Receiver-Closed Trigger Guard
ANDER-LOWER-CLOSED-BLEM   Anderson Manufacturing AR15 Lower Receiver-Closed Trigger Guard-BLEM
ANDER-LOWER   Anderson Manufacturing AR15 Lower Receiver-Multi Cal
ANDER-UPPER   Anderson Manufacturing AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver
AP-PR2   AP Custom 2" Picatinny Rail Set
AP-SC3   AP Custom 3X3 Shell Carrier
AP-PR4   AP Custom 4" Picatinny Rail
AP-SC4   AP Custom 4X4 Shell Carrier
AP-BS   AP Custom Bipod Stud
AP-SC4-1   AP Custom Classic 4 Shell Carrier
AP-APULT   AP Custom GEN II Ultra-Light Tactical Carbon Fiber Handguard
AP-QD   AP Custom QD Sling Mount
AP-RSCFXL   AP Custom Rhino Series Carbon Fiber Handguard 15"
AP-RSCF17   AP Custom Rhino Series Carbon Fiber Handguard 17"
AP-RSCFR   AP Custom Rhino Series Carbon Fiber Handguard- 12" Rifle Length
AP-RSCFXL-T   AP Custom Rhino Series Carbon Fiber Tactical Handguard- 15" Length
AP-RSCFR-T   AP Custom Rhino Series Carbon Fiber Tactical Handguard- 12" Length
AP-SK   AP Custom Spring Replacement Kit
AP-L2   AP L2 Shell Carrier
AP-L2-4   AP L2/4 Shell Carrier
AP-L2-6   AP L2/6 Shell Carrier
AP-QL-4   AP QL/4 Quad Load Shell Carrier
AP-QL-8   AP QL/8 Quad Load Shell Carrier
BRN-430-000-432   AR Gas Tube Roll Pin
UTG-RBU6M   AR-15 6-position Stock Assembly with U.S. Made Mil-Spec Tube - Black
UTG-RB-T469B   AR-15 Standard A2 Buttstock Assembly Kit-Black
BRN-080-000-554   AR15 A2 Rifle Stock Completion Kit
ARM-ARGBKADJ75   ArmaLite ADJUSTABLE Low Profile Gas Block
GUN-M153GN13   Armalite M-15 3-Gun Rifle w/ Stainless 13.5" (PINNED) Barrel & Luth Stock
GUN-M153GN18   Armalite M-15 3-Gun Rifle w/ Stainless 18" Barrel & Luth Stock
ARM-54169   Armscor 1911 45ACP 8RD Magazine-54169
BB-AR15BB   Assault Planet Bullet Button - AR-15 Bullet Button - AR15BB
BB-AR15WW   Assault Planet Bullet Button Wonder Wrench - AR15WW
AMU-50029   ATA 22TCM JHP 40gr 50rd box -50029
RAR-Raptor   AXTS Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle
RAR-Raptor7.62   AXTS Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle-For 7.62/308 Rifles
AXTS-TALON-4LEVER   AXTS Talon AR15 Ambi 45/90* Safety Set-4 Levers Included
BADG-249-02   Badger Tactical Charging Handle Latch GEN 1 (BADG-249-02)
RSR-BO24920   Badger Tactical Charging Handle Latch GEN 2 (24920)
BAD-ASS-45   Battle Arms Development *45 DEGREE SHORT THROW* Ambi Safety- Standard/Short Levers
BAD-ASS-SS   Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector-BADASS-Standard/Short Levers
BAD-ASS-ST   Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector-BADASS-Standard/Thin Levers
BAD-EPS   Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set for AR15-EPS
BCM-GFH-MOD3-762   BCM 7.62 AR10 Charging Handle, Mod 3 (Large Latch) Black - 7.62/308
BCM-GFH-MOD4-762   BCM 7.62 AR10 Charging Handle, Mod 4 (Med Latch) Black - 7.62/308
BCM-GFH-MOD3-556   BCM Charging Handle, Mod 3 (Large Latch) Black - 5.56MM/223
BCM-GFH-MOD4-556   BCM Charging Handle, Mod 4 (Medium Latch) Black - 5.56MM/223
BCM-GFH-MOD5-556   BCM CHARGING HNDL 5.56MM/223 MOD5 (Small Latch) Black
BCM-GFH-A44-556   BCM Gunfighter AMBI Charging Handle Mod 44 - 5.56/223
BM-15008-BLK   Benchmade - Steep Country Hunter - CPM S30V Plain Edge Fixed Blade - Black handle/sheath - 15008-BLK
BM-141SBK   Benchmade 141 Nimravus Tanto ComboEdge
BM-15060-2   Benchmade 15060-2 - Grizzly Creek-Dymondwood handle -Plain Edge
BM-162   Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Sibert Fixed Blade w/Leather Sheath
BM-162-1   Benchmade 162-1 Bushcrafter Sibert Fixed Blade w/Kydex Sheath
BM-175BK   Benchmade 175 Adamas Fixed Concealed Backup Knife
BM-176BK   Benchmade 176BK SOCP Dagger
BM-176BKSN   Benchmade 176BKSN SOCP Dagger - Sand Sheath
BM-178SBK   Benchmade 178SBK SOCP Dagger - Combo Edge
BM-183SBK   Benchmade 183 Fixed Contego Black Combo Edge
BM-275BKSN   Benchmade 275 Sibert Adamas - Plain Edge- D2 Blade - Sand G10 handles/sheath
BM-2750BKSN   Benchmade 2750 Sibert AUTO Adamas -Plain Edge - Sand G10 handle/sheath
BM-300-1   Benchmade 300-1 Ball Axis Flipper Knife Black/Blue G-10
BM-300SN   Benchmade 300SN Ball Axis Flipper Folding Knife Sand G-10 (3.05" Satin Plain)
BM-3300BK   Benchmade 3300BK INFIDEL AUTO OTF-BK1 Coated -Double Edge Spear Point Blade - Black Aluminum handle - 3300BK
BM-3320BK   Benchmade 3320BK AUTO OTF Pagan Double-Edge Black Coated Blade/ Black Aluminum Handles - 3320BK
BM-3350BK   Benchmade 3350BK Mini Infidel AUTO OTF-BK1 Coated -Double Edge Spear Point Blade - Black Aluminum handle - 3350BK
BM-375BK   Benchmade 375 Adamas Fixed Blade
BM-470-1   Benchmade 470-1 Emissary AXIS Assited 3" S30V Blade Black Aluminum Handles
BM-477   Benchmade 477 Emissary 3.5 AXIS Assited S30V Blade Black Aluminum Handles
BM-485   Benchmade 485 Valet Plain Edge Satin Silver Blade/ Gray Contoured G10 Handles - 485
BM-5000SBK   Benchmade 5000SBK AUTO Presidio -Combo Blade - Black Aluminum handle - 5000SBK
BM-51   Benchmade 51 MORPHO Bali-Song -Spear Point blade - Black G10 Scales with Blue Titanium Liners-51
BM-530S   Benchmade 530 Pardue Axis Spearpoint-Satin-Combo Edge
BM-530   Benchmade 530 Pardue Axis Spearpoint-Satin-Plain Edge
BM-531   Benchmade 531 Pardue Axis Drop Point- Satin Plain Edge
BM-5400BK   Benchmade 5400BK AUTO/ MANUAL Dual Action Serum -Plain Edge - BK Coated Blade - Black G10 scales - 5400BK
BM-550HG   Benchmade 550 Griptilian - Sheepsfoot Plain Edge-Satin Finish-Black Handle
BM-550SHG   Benchmade 550 Griptilian Sheepsfoot Combo Edge-Satin-Black Handle
BM-551   Benchmade 551 Griptilian Pardue Design -Plain Edge - Black handles -551
BM-553SBKSN   Benchmade 553 Tanto Griptilian-Combo Edge-BK1 coated blade-Sand Handle-553SBKSN
BM-553SBKOD   Benchmade 553 Tanto Griptilian-Combo Edge-Black coated blade-Olive Drab Handle - 553SBKOD
BM-553   Benchmade 553 Tanto Griptilian-Plain Edge-Satin Finish-Black Handle
BM-555SBKHG   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian - Combo Edge-BK Coated Blade-Black Handle
BM-555BKHG   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian - Plain Edge -BK1 Coated Blade - Black Handle -555BKHG
BM-555SHG   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian Combo Edge-Satin Finish-Black Handle- 555SHG
BM-555HG   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge-Satin Finish-Black Handle
BM-555HG-BLU   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge-Satin Finish-Blue Handle
BM-555HG-PNK   Benchmade 555 Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge-Satin Finish-Pink Handle
BM-556   Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge-Satin Blade-Black Handle
BM-585   Benchmade 585 Mini Barrage- Axis Assist Opening
BM-707   Benchmade 707 Sequel-G10 Inlays-Satin Finish-Black Handle
BM-707BK   Benchmade 707 Sequel-G10 Inlays-Straight Edge-Black Blade-Black Handle
BM-710SBKD2   Benchmade 710 Combo Edge/BK1 Coated D2 Tool Steel Blade/ G10 Handle Scales -710SBKD2
BM-710D2   Benchmade 710 Plain Edge /D2 Tool Steel Blade/ G10 Handle Scales -710D2
BM-746   Benchmade 746 Lum Design Mini Onslaught-Plain Edge 154cm
BM-746SBK   Benchmade 746 Mini Onslaught-Combo Edge-BK Coated Blade
BM-810   Benchmade 810 Osborne Contego -Plain Edge/CPM-M4 Steel Blade/ G10 Handle Scales -810
BM-810BK   Benchmade 810BK Osborne Contego -Plain Edge/BK1 Coated CPM-M4 Steel Blade/ G10 Handle Scales -810BK
BM-8600BK   Benchmade 8600BK Bedlam AUTO - BK1Coated 154CM Blade - Plain Edge - Black G10 Scales - 8600BK
BM-860SBK   Benchmade 860SBK Bedlam - BK1Coated 154CM Blade - Combo Edge - Black G10 Scales - 860SBK
BM-904   Benchmade 904 Mini-Axis Styker II Plain Edge
BM-9101SBK   Benchmade 9101SBK AUTO Stryker -Combo Blade - Black Aluminum handle - 9101SBK
BM-915-ORG   Benchmade 915 Orange Triage Knife with Safety Hook & Glass Breaker
BM-915SBK   Benchmade 915 Triage - BK Coated Combo Edge - Black Handle - 915SBK
BM-915SBK-ORG   Benchmade 915 Triage - BK Coated Combo Edge - Safety Orange Handle - 915SBK-ORG
BM-915BK   Benchmade 915 Triage - BK Coated Plain Edge - Black Handle - 915BK
BM-940   Benchmade 940 Osborne Axis -Plain Edge - Green anodized aluminum handles -940
BM-940BK   Benchmade 940BK Osborne Axis -Plain Edge - BK Coated Blade -Green aluminum handles -940BK
BM-950SBK   Benchmade 950SBK Rift Osborne -Combo Edge -G10 Handle Scales -950SBK
BM-551BKSN-AS   Benchmade American Griptilian - Mel Pardue Design -BK Coated Plain Edge - Tan handles -551BKSN-AS
BM-4300   Benchmade CLA Composite Lite AUTO -154CM Plain Edge- Black G10 Handle - 4300
BM-15001-1   Benchmade Hunt 15001-1 Saddle Mountain Skinner G10 Grips w/Kydex Sheath
BM-15001-2   Benchmade Hunt 15001-2 Saddle Mountain Skinner Wood Grips w/Leather Sheath
BM-15007-1   Benchmade Hunt 15007-1 Saddle Mountain Hunter G10 Grips w/Kydex Sheath
BM-15007-2   Benchmade Hunt 15007-2 Saddle Mountain Hunter Dymondwood Grips w/Leather Sheath
BM-15016-1   Benchmade Hunt 15016-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter Small Skinner with Contoured G10 handle
BM-15031-1   Benchmade Hunt 15031-1 North Fork Folder w/ G10 Grips
BM-15031-2   Benchmade Hunt 15031-2 North Fork Folder w/ Wood Grips
BM-15003-2   Benchmade Hunt Saddle Mountain Skinner with Gut Hook- Wood Scales/ leather sheath-15003-2
BM-9555SBK   Benchmade Osborne Rift AUTO Axis-BK Coated- 154CM Combo Edge - Black G10 handle - 9555SBK
BM-3550   Benchmade Pardue AUTO -154CM Spear Point Blade - Black Aluminum handle - 3550
BM-9101BK   Benchmade Stryker AUTO BK Coated -154CM tanto blade - Black Aluminum handle - 9101BK
CAR-85008   Benelli Crio Plus Tactical Breecher Choke
GUN-J131C14   Beretta 1301 Comp 12ga 24" Black/Synthetic 3" Chamber-J131C14
GUN-Xtrema2-BEJ391D28   Beretta A391 Xtrema2 Kickoff 12 Gauge-BEJ391D28
CAR-07117   BERETTA/BENELLI Extended 12 gauge Steel Shot Choke Tubes - Extended Range (.695) - 07117
CAR-85006   Beretta/Benelli Mobil Tactical Breecher Choke
CAR-40050   BERETTA/BENELLI Rifled Choke Tubes 12ga - 40050
BI-20054   Bianchi #580 Speed Strips 38 Special/ 357 Mag - 2PK - 20054
BIR-37004   Birchwood Casey 8" Paper Pistol Target 6x10 18PK
BIR-35643   Birchwood Casey Darkotic Fine Print 6x10 10PK (BIR-35643)

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