Brace yourselves for the SB15

Sig Sauer  AR-15/M16 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

Sig Sauer  AR-15/M16 Pistol Stabilizing BraceLast year the gun blogosphere completely exploded when Sig released what they called an AR 15 Pistol brace.  No one could believe that someone developed this so called brace to attach to AR 15 pistols. The Brace resembled an AR 15 stock and could clearly be used as a stock. The design and intent stated that the Sig Sauer Arm Brace was to be attached to the rear of a pistol, on the buffer tube. Then a hollow cavity in the center could be attached to the user’s forearm, and strapped in with a Velcro strap.

The idea being that this would add additional stability and allow the weapon to be fired one handed. The brace was approved by the ATF and has been met with great fanfare, and the market for AR 15 pistols has exploded. There was some rumors and speculation that shouldering the brace would make the weapon a short barreled rifle and subject to federal NFA laws.

The ATF released another decision saying it was not illegal to use the Sig Pistol Brace as a stock, and it can be shouldered legally. They claimed they could not regulate the use of the SB 15, only its original design. This resulted in resurgence and the pistol brace for AR 15s exploded even more in popularity.

The SB15 allows shooters to legally skirt the National firearms act with a pistol easily. With a pistol equipped with a SB 15 the user avoids a 200 dollar tax stamp, an army of paperwork, and six to eight months wait.

The Sig AR 15 pistol brace is an extremely tight fit on the pistol buffer tube and friction alone keeps the Sig brace in place.

The brace itself actually makes a nice stock, even though it’s a bit small, it still keeps the weapon nice and tight in the shoulder. The SB 15 has been called an NFA hack and so far the ATF has not reversed or made another decision on the brace. The SB 15 is a much needed addition to any AR 15 pistol and it completely changes a large bulky pistol into a stable and comfortable platform.

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