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Run like a Geissele

Geissele Trigger Discount It’s no secret that Geissele makes some of the world’s best triggers. The triggers they produce are known to be smooth as silk, and take match grade to a whole new level. Geissele produces triggers for a wide variety of weapons including the incredibly popular AR 15. These triggers are designed to maximize the potential of a high quality AR 15.

A Geissele trigger comparison shows the variety of different triggers Geissele produces. The company produces triggers like the SD-E Trigger for precision medium to long range rifles. The SD-e trigger has an extremely light pull, only 3.5 pounds, and is consistent in both pull and reset. For even more precision the Hi Speed National Match trigger goes as light as 2.5 pounds. These triggers are for target shooting, and are a bit too light for duty and for dynamic sports. These are some of the best Geissele two stage triggers out there.

For the 3 gun crowd and those who carry a rifle professionally, they need a trigger that allows rapid target engagement. The Geissele Super Dynamic 3 gun trigger is designed to give a sharp, repeatable trigger release. The trigger design is similar to a 1911 pistol which gives the user less perceived weight, and eliminates the traditional curved trigger. In any comparison of Geissele triggers the Super Dynamic and Hi Speed are on opposite sides in intended use, but come together at quality.

Geissele triggers are used across the world of shooting. From our nation's most elite warfighters in SOCOM, to the world class competition shooter, down to the precision handloader who needs a trigger to give his loads the best performance possible. Geissele triggers cannot be duplicated, but are often imitated. Do yourself a favor, and get the original, ignore the imitators.

Whatever your trigger needs are, Geissele can fit the bill, but where can you get a Geissele trigger? The sale of Geissele triggers is pretty common, they are extremely popular and can be found at any self respecting firearms specialty site. So where can you find you very own?

Joe Bob Outfitters, LLC Purchases Geissele Trigger Products Through Authorized Distribution Sources

Well the good news is you are already here, Joebob Outfitters is having a Geissele trigger discount of every Geissele trigger they stock too. This sale of Geissele triggers won’t be around forever, so take advantage of it now.

Joebob also offers free shipping on any orders over 90 dollars, and Geissele triggers fall into that category. When shopping for an exceptional trigger, use an exceptional retailer who can get you the best priced and the best service out there.