A Time to Build your AR 15 with Spike’s Tactical

Build Your AR 15 With Spike’s Tactical

Build Your AR 15 With Spike’s TacticalThe AR 15 market has been facing heavy competition these last few years. Companies are producing more AR 15s every year, and more companies are producing parts and kits to build your own. The flooded market has driven down the prices of AR components to the lowest it’s been in the last decade. If you’ve been waiting, now is the time to build your AR 15 and some of the highest quality parts have become priced very competitively.

The first step is purchasing an AR 15 lower receiver.

The lower receiver is the portion of the weapon considered a firearm, so federal law dictates the lower receiver has to be done through an FFL. The rest of the parts can be shipped directly to your home legally. So the first step is to choose the right lower receiver and if you want a stripper or complete lower.

Spike’s Tactical produces premium AR rifles and components and have a very dedicated fan base. They produce both stripper lowers and complete lowers. Their components are top notch and made in America. Spike’s Tactical has been in the AR 15 business for a long time and has earned a well deserved reputation for quality and dependability.

A Spike’s Tactical stripped lower is nothing more than the lower receiver, no pins, springs, trigger, or buffer tube. A stripped lower allows the builder to pick and choose every part that goes into the weapon. This is perfect for an experienced builder who wants to get the most out of his rifle.

A Spike’s Tactical complete lower receiver comes ready to go with Spike made components. A complete lower comes pre assembled and becomes a functional weapon with the addition of a complete upper, a charging handle and a bolt carrier group. Complete lower simplify the process of building an AR 15 and often better for a first time builder.

When choosing an upper you get to decide what caliber and what barrel length you want.

The good news is upper receivers are not permanent. A Spike’s Tactical AR 15 upper receiver can be installed and swapped out by merely punching out a few pins. Since Spike’s Tactical AR 15 uppers come in a variety of lengths and sizes you can swap between short and mid length barrels and rails with ease.

Choosing the heart of the weapon, the Bolt Carrier group, can be a difficult decision.

BCG’s control the overall dependability of the weapon and a subpar BCG could be the difference between a flop and super star rifle. Spike’s tactical bolt carrier groups come in two different flavors. Spike’s produces a MPI/HPT tested mil spec BCG and a Nickel Boron finish BCG. The nickel boron finish exceeds military specifications and actually works better after heavy use. Choosing a Spike’s Tactical BCG is more or less a budget and performance question. If you plan on using your rifle heavily, and perhaps depend on it day to day, the nickel boron may provide a bit more of an edge at a bit more cost. That being said there is nothing wrong with a mil spec BCG, and in fact it’s actually what the military uses, and it’s just a bit more affordable.