Building the AR (pistol)

Building the AR (pistol)

Low price AR 15 pistol uppers, lowers, and buffer tubes on the market including Spikes and Phase 5 Hex 2 pistol buffer tube kits, uppers and lowers online.

Building the AR pistolSo AR 15 pistols used to be a bit of a niche weapon. Often considered bulky, difficult to engage long range targets with, and somewhat clumsy. This all changed with the advent of the SB 15 pistol brace by Sig Sauer, and the subsequent ATF letter stating you could legally shoulder the brace with the rifle being an SBR.

With the SB 15 brace coming to the market the sales of AR pistols have skyrocketed, as well as the people wanting to build AR 15 pistols. The market has exploded for pistol parts and there are a lot of different choices out there. Let’s go over a few of the best on the market. AR pistol utilize some of the same parts like the BCG, charging handle, pistol grip, etc so we won’t focus on those.

Lower Receivers

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as just buying a complete rifle lower with a stock and turning it into a pistol, the ATF frowns on this. There is a bit of a work around though. The New Frontier armory Stripped Gen 2 poly lower receiver is a complete low, minus a buffer and buffer tube. This allows the weapon to be turned into a rifle or a pistol, with the addition of a rifle or pistol tube.

Upper Receivers

The upper receiver market has truly exploded in terms of AR 15 pistol uppers. This has brought forward companies producing unique upper receivers for AR 15 pistols. An excellent example is the stylish and efficient Adams Arms PDW tactical Evo upper. This upper receiver features a flat top optics ready upper, a full length quad rail, and a M4 style flash suppressor. It’s short barrel and compact rail keeps the weapon balanced and lightweight like any PDW should be.

Buffer Tubes

Buffer tubes have become one of the premier parts since the advent of the SB 15 pistol brace. Buffer tubes have been released to capitalize on the SB 15 and aid in making the weapon more comfortable to shoulder. The Odin pistol buffer tube kit is an example of a pistol buffer tube designed for the SB 15. This tube has a round bolt that prevents the SB 15 from sliding and increases its overall length.

Another buffer tube with the same style of design is the Phase 5 Hex 2 pistol buffer tube kit that was designed with Sig Sauer to make a buffer tube perfect for the SB 15 brace. Those looking for a standard buffer tube you can go with the more traditional Spike’s pistol buffer tube kit for those who want a more affordable option.

The AR 15 pistol market has completely transformed in the last year thanks to the SB 15. The weapon has exploded in popularity and so has the options. We have never seen this many different AR pistol uppers, lowers, and buffer tubes on the market. The evolution of the weapon is advancing hand and hand with its popularity.