What is a Trigger Adjuster and Why Your AR Needs It?

What is a Trigger Adjuster and Why Your AR Needs It?

Trigger AdjusterSo what exactly is an AR 15 trigger adjuster? Well it’s one of the little known items that can improve any stock trigger. A Trigger adjuster is essentially a replacement screw for the factory grip screw. This small upgrade is a quick and easy way to eliminate creep and lighten the trigger weight.

Trigger adjusters are a cheap AR 15 trigger upgrade that a lot of people do not know is out there. Adding a trigger adjuster to your rifle is incredibly simple and requires only a hex key that is provided with Joebob’s AR 15 grip screw adjuster. You may need a screw driver or different sized hex key to remove your stock grip screw, and it’s important to check before you attempt the modification.

Trigger adjusters are so simple and easy to install that it’s surprising so many people have not purchased or even heard of installing an AR 15 trigger adjuster on their rifle. Oh, and for you 7.62 guys out there an AR 10 trigger adjuster can be had as well.

Trigger adjusters work by being a complete grip screw with a smaller, thinner portion that emerges from the top of the grip screw. This piece will goes into the lower receiver and allows the trigger tail to rest on the smaller portion of the grip screw. This brings the trigger closer to the point of breaking, and eliminates trigger creep and weight. In terms of cheap AR 15 or 10 trigger upgrades it doesn’t get much cheaper and easier than a trigger adjuster.

The AR grip screw adjuster can be adjusted to the shooter’s preference with the simple twist of the key. Some shooters may want to reduce creep just a little, others want to completely eliminate it. The trigger adjuster allows you to change that at will, and all it takes is the hex key. Such a simple upgrade makes a big difference, and I suggest it to anyone with an AR. It’s so affordable it’s hard not to want.