Start Your Next AR Project Right with the Spartan Billet Lower Receiver

When choosing a lower receiver for your AR build, there are literally thousands of options to choose from so choosing the perfect lower can seem like an overwhelming task. One of the most significant differences between available lowers on the market is whether they are forged or billet.

What’s the difference?

A forged lower is one that has been formed into shape using a lot of pressure to essentially hammer the aluminum into a lower receiver shape. It is then finished off using a CNC machine. While metallurgists will agree that forged aluminum is stronger than billet aluminum, there can be some uniformity issues and the finished look isn’t as a ‘clean’ as that of a billet receiver.

Billet lower receivers for the AR15 are formed from a solid block of extruded aluminum and shaped using a CNC machine. CNC machines are able to cut precise shapes into aluminum so billet lowers tend to have cleaner lines and geometric designs. Billet receivers often have one-piece trigger guards and other custom features not available on forged lowers which is another reason why many enthusiasts choose billet lowers to complete custom AR projects.

There are lots of billet lower manufacturers to choose from and finding a cheap billet AR15 lower that still meets the standards of quality you need when building your own firearm

One of the best billet AR lowers on the market in terms of build quality and value is the Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower Receiver. It may not be the cheapest billet lower available but there is no question that this product is made to highest quality standards – ensuring your AR build goes together easily the first time around. Manufactured from a solid block of aircraft-grade 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the Spartan-15 boasts many high-end features at a price anyone can appreciate. Some key features include:

  • Broached magazine well with drop-free design
  • MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodizing
  • Integrated enhanced trigger guard
  • Compatibility with all lower parts kits
  • Exceeds ATF depth requirements using CNC deep rotary engraving

Building out a new AR project is always fun but the real enjoyment comes from choosing high-quality components so you can be confident that the latest addition to your collection is ready for years of faithful service and for many people, that peace of mind comes from building out a Spartan-15 Billet Lower Receiver – a value-oriented, high-quality product available exclusively from Joe Bob Outfitters.