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Energetic Armament Vox Blox Suppressor Vise Jaws
Energetic Armament Vox Blox Suppressor Vise Jaws
MSRP: $29.95
Sale Price: $23.95
JoeBob dun saved you $6.00!
The Vox Blox™ is a unique soft-jaw tool for clamping silencers in a vise when working on them. The Vox Blox™ is made of high density polyethylene plastic to minimize the chances of marring the silencer finish while providing a secure grip.

The Vox Blox™ is available in several sizes to fit different silencer outer diameters:
1.00 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA43
Fits most 1.00” rimfire silencers including the EA Nyx™

1.07 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA46
Fits the Mask™

1.38 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA45
Fits the Octane™, TiRant™, Kraken™, Obsidian™, Ghost™ and Harvester 300™

1.48 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA48
Fits the Omega 9k™

1.50 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA41
Fits the Sandman™ series and many other 1.5″ rifle silencers including the Vox™ series

1.57 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA44
Fits the SiCo Omega™ & Hybrid™, YHM Turbo™, Turbo K™, Resonator™, Resonator K™ and R9™

1.62 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA47
Fits the DA Wolf/Wolfman™

1.74 in. Vox Blox™, SKU EA42
Fits the DA Nomad™