What is the Best Ambidextrous Charging Handle for the AR 15? - Part 2

Raptor AR 15  and AR 10 Ambidextrous Charging Handle

What is the Best Ambidextrous Charging Handle for the AR 15? - Part 2

Raptor AR 15  and AR 10 Ambidextrous Charging HandleSo we covered the BCM charging handles from Bravo Company, and we briefly touched on another company that produces combat ready ambi charging handles, this company is called Raptor. Raptor produces AXTS charging handle that features two wide wings on either side. This allows the Raptor to be charged with either the palm or finger method.

The Raptor’s wide charging handles give a very sure grip and make it much easier to charge the weapon. The Raptor AR 15 charging handle is not the only option from Raptor, an AR 10 Raptor Charging handle is also available for the 7.62 crowd. There's only a slight size difference that sets the two charging handles apart, other than that they are remarkably the same.

The Raptor AXTS is a heavy duty piece of gear, and it can be used and abused. The wings on the charging handle offers a serrations that improve the grip of the charging handle when using gloves, of simply having wet or sweaty hands. The charging handle is made from 7075 aluminum and coated with an anodized finish. Raptor has actually tested their charging handles over a million cycles.

The Raptor AXTS makes charging the AR 15 or AR 10 very smooth, and actually it’s much easier. The AR 10 charging handle from Raptor is much smoother than a mil spec and it’s more noticeable with the AR 10 due to the longer overall cartridge the weapon uses. Of course if the AR 10 feels smoother the AR 15 charging handle by Raptor feels like absolute silk with the shorter cartridge.

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