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AR-15 Gun Parts And Pistol Kits.

Build Your Own AR-15

AR-15 Gun Parts And Pistol KitsThe AR 15 platform is one that knows unequaled modularity. The platform has changed and adapted in the last half a century since it’s been in service. Eugene Stoner, the original designer of the AR 15, couldn’t possibly imagine the changes and evolution the platform would undergo. The AR 15 is a multi caliber platform that can be used as a close quarters combat carbine, or a designated marksman rifle. These days it’s cheaper to build an AR 15, and often a better choice since the end user can pick and choose the exact components they want for a rifle.

Gun parts for the AR-15 are abundant, and come in a wide variety of different configurations to satisfy the most discerning consumer. The first choice that needs to be made is if the designer is making a pistol or a rifle, an AR 15 pistol kit is much different than a rifle kit. This is important not only for configuration purposes, but legal purposes. A pistol upper receiver on a rifle lower receiver would constitute a short barreled rifle which is regulated by the ATF and requires a tax stamp.

Some parts are interchangeable between rifles and pistols including materials like an AR 15 lower parts kit.  The same goes for magazines, rail systems, pistol grips, and muzzle devices. Several other small parts are also interchangeable, like the bolt carrier group.

Once a builder decides which configuration of pistol they are building, they can then decide what will be the intended purpose. A home defense rifle will be much different than a long range designated marksman rifle, or a hunting rifle. Some build rifles for competitions like 3 gun, or Bull’s Eye.

A home defense rifle would often be shorter than most, and have the ability to add accessories. This mean a rail is necessary to add a light and possibly a foregrip. Foregrips increase control, and a good light will give you positive target identification. A home defense rifle wouldn’t require high powered optic, and often a close range red dot or holographic sight will be more than enough.

An AR 15 designed for 3 Gun will more than likely be built and designed to be lightweight, and does not have the requirement for a flashlight or foregrip. Since 3 gun has grown in popularity the amount of AR15 3 gun parts has also grown substantially. This includes specialized triggers, and even lower parts kits for AR 15s, designed for the heavy use 3 gun competitors place on their weapons.

When building an AR 15 pistol one should exercise caution to do it legally. This makes it more appealing to purchase pistol kits for the AR 15. These will often the cover the necessity of the proper buffer tube, which is the line between a legal pistol and a felony.

Building an AR 15 is an educational experience and often a lot of fun. Procuring the proper parts and designing a custom fit AR 15 will give you the exact weapon you want.

Building it will also give you a distinct edge since you know your weapon inside and out. The best part is if you don’t like your AR, you can easily swap pieces and parts out.