The New Frontier of Polymer ARs

New Frontier Polymer AR 15 Lower At Discount Prices

The New Frontier of Polymer ARs

New Frontier Polymer AR 15 LowerThe AR 15 market is a booming one. The AR 15 might as well stand for America’s rifle at this point. It’s just as American as the Remington 870, or the Colt SAA, it’s the new classic for a modern generation. The best part is the AR has not stopped evolving, every year we see a new improvement, from improved furniture, piston driven designs, and now the use of polymers.

Poly Lowers by companies like New Frontier are one of the newest innovations in the AR marketplace. Polymer has long been used in pistols like Glocks and S&W M&Ps, so it was a natural extension into rifles. Polymer lowers often result in a more affordable and lightweight weapon.

Polymer lowers are an awesome idea, but with any new technology there is bound to be a glitch somewhere. So that’s why I always suggest buying quality parts, over the cheapest parts.

The New Frontier Armory’s AR 15 lowers for sale here at JoeBob’s Outfitters are made from established company with a great reputation. Complete lowers by New Frontier Armory are of excellent quality and at a much lower price than a standard AR 15 lower.

The New Frontier armory poly lowers are made from a much stronger polymer than the early polymer lowers by Plumcrazy. They reinforce the crucial points of the lower like the pivot and takedown pins. The Complete lower come stock with the accu group composite fire control system for a light 4.5 lb trigger pull, and the entire kit is made in America.

New Frontier armory’s polymer lowers are nearly half a pound lighter than a standard AR 15 lower and just as strong. They are the lightest AR polymer lower on the market today, as well as being the most durable. They rigorously torture their lowers and post the results for all to see on Youtube.

A New Frontier Armory complete lower comes ready to fire for use with any standard AR 15 upper. The lower can be converted to work with a stock upper receiver in .22 and 9mm by swapping the hammer with another made by New Frontier Armory. The company also offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects, and stands behind the product with excellent customer service.

The future in AR 15s is polymer, and the future of guns as a whole is polymer. Polymer lowers maybe be met with resistance the same way Glocks were. People will always fear change, but if the past is any indicator of the future we are more likely to see polymer find its way into every facet of the firearms industry.