Adding some Compensation

Rifle Flash Muzzles And Suppressors

Rifle Flash Muzzles And SuppressorsNo tactical rifle is complete without some form of muzzle device. There are a wide variety of muzzle devices out there that can provide a wide variety of effects to your rifle. Flash suppressors or flash hider reduce the muzzle flash of a weapon firing, and preserve night vision of the operator. Compensators vent gas upwards which reduces muzzle flip and gives the shooter more control. Muzzle brakes help push the gas forward, which reduces recoil and some muzzle rise.

Luckily we have dozens and dozens of quality options out there. Companies like Battlecomp and Griffin Armament are constantly producing new muzzle devices that outpace each other at every turn. These devices do a number of different features, and some like the Griffin 7.62 comp are capable of taming the mighty concussion from AR 10 short barreled rifles. When dealing with short barrels a compensator, muzzle brake, or flash suppressor is a must. Compensators are better used on competition rifle since it allows you to regain sight picture and sight alignment faster than other devices.

Flash suppressors are the standard on military rifles due to the tactical advantages of a flash suppressor.

Griffin Flash compensators are among the best, but it’s hard to name a winner in a Griffin flash comp vs. a Battlecomp flash suppressor. Both do what they are designed too, and do it quite well. Each is made from quality materials and designed by experts in rifle mechanics. What does separate the two companies is the dual purpose design with some of Griffin Armament’s designs.

For example the Griffin M4SD ii flash compensator acts as a mount for the suppressors designed by Griffin Armament. On Joebob Outfitters you can find the Griffin M4SD ii flash comp for sale at the same price as a standard Battlecomp flash compensator. The big difference being the Griffin Flash comps are capable of being suppressor mounts.

Muzzle brakes are more often found on large, full sized rifles, in calibers like the .338 Lapua Magnum, and 50 caliber BMG cartridge. These are extremely handy on these rifles to cut down on their massive recoil. The Griffin Armament MBS-A 338 is capable of greatly reducing the felt recoil of such a massive weapon. These may not contain the flash suppression on a flash comp by Griffin, but the reduced recoil is well worth the extra flash.

Regardless of what you put on the end of your muzzle it’s nearly a necessity to have something. The difference these small pieces of metal make is outstanding, and this is more understandable if you’ve ever fired a rifle with a bare muzzle. Compensating just a bit has never hurt anything.