Taming the Beast with Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament Tactical Compensator. Flash Suppressor And Muzzle Brakes

Taming the Beast with Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament Tactical CompensatorIf you can stick it on the end of your barrel more than likely Griffin Armament makes it. Griffin Armament is a premier designer of muzzle devices in a variety of flavors. In fact they design everything from suppressors, muzzle brakes, compensators, and flash suppressors. Griffin Armament has made a variety of different ingenious improvements in the muzzle device category. Griffin Armament’s 5.56 and 7.62 tactical compensators are some of the best out there.

A look at any Griffin Armament compensator review and you’ll instantly understand the value of their products.

Their 7.62 compensators can tame the shortest barreled AR 10 rifles, reducing muzzle flip, lowers concussion, and reduces recoil. The compensator is made from heat treated aerospace alloy that is both lightweight and long lasting.

Another Griffin Armament muzzle brake designed for the more standard 5.56 rifle is the M4SD. This dual purpose device is a Griffin Armament 5.56 tactical compensator that is quite unique. The M4SD acts as a traditional brake and counters recoil, and muzzle rise, and the M4SD also acts as an anchor for Griffin Armament’s suppressors. This allows for the quick attachment and detachment of suppressors without sacrificing a muzzle brake.

Flash compensators are a bit different than compensators and are often placed on tactical rifles since they reduced the shooter’s visibility and help keep flashes from reducing the operator’s vision. Griffin Armament’s 5.56 flash compensator is another dual purpose device, besides being a flash suppressor it can act as an attachment for a suppressor. As flash suppressors they are extremely proficient and reduce the flash significantly. The 5.56 Flash suppressor by Griffin Armament is a bit longer than their muzzle brakes, but the device does its job exceptionally well.

This is only a small sample of the devices Griffin Armament offers. They continually build and revitalize their industry, make great leaps forward. They surely show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.