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Sonic Boom Exploding Target - 1/2lb - 4 Pack
Sonic Boom Exploding Target - 1/2lb - 4 Pack

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Sonic Boom Exploding Target - 1/2lb - 4 Pack

Sonic Boom's Exploding Targets are some of the best in exploding target technology. They are produced with clean chemicals and extra attention to ensure high quality products. The targets create an impressively large explosion and loud "Boom".

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets are to be used only as a shot indicator in conjunction with sporting firearms. Using Sonic Boom Exploding Targets for any other purpose is breaking the law and can cause injury when misused. Always read instructions & follow all safety guidelines. Check your Local County, State & Federal Regulation before purchasing & using in your area.

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets are legal in all 50 States, with restrictions that include but not limited to the following:

Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so do not re-sell mixed product unless you are licensed to do so.
Before use check your local, state, and federal regulations for areas approved for the use of this product.
Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so you cannot transport it or store it without proper licensing (it must be mixed and shot on site).

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets are very safe when used as intended and the directions are followed. Once mixed it must be impacted with a high velocity round placed in the center or near center of the target to ignite the target. A shot in any side of the target will just rotate it or possibly might rip the jar causing contents to fall out, it is impossible to go off by trying to light it with a match or hitting it with a hammer or shooting it with a 9mm round. It takes roughly a 40 grain bullet traveling at 2200 FPS directly impacting it to guarantee success, anything slower or lighter could cause the target to not ignite.

Each target contains two components, an oxidizer and a catalyst which is pre-measured for each target and sealed in a bag on the outside of the jar. To prep the target for use (first read and ensure you understand all directions and safety instructions on the label of the target), simply open the target, remove the catalyst bag from the side of the target and dump the contents back into the jar. Seal the container back up, mix in a shaking / twisting motion for 60 to 90 seconds "make sure all white prills are coated" if you experience issues mixing the target use a plastic sealable bag as a faster way to mix. Place the target at a safe distance of 100+ yards and do not place target around objects that can become shrapnel. Then take aim and fire.

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