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VersaCarry Double Ply Leather Belts - Distressed Brown
VersaCarry Classic Carry Double Ply Leather Belts - Distressed Brown
MSRP: $59.99
Sale Price: $54.99
JoeBob dun saved you $5.00!
The Double Ply Belt is 1.5" wide and perfect for carrying a handgun. It is designed to be sturdy and rigid, creating the ideal foundation needed. Each is handcrafted in the USA using Premium Water Buffalo leather and is available in sizes from 32" to 42".

  • DOUBLE PLY LEATHER - Designed to be used to carry a handgun, our Double Ply Leather Belt is exceptionally sturdy and ridged to do just that, yet elegant enough to be worn as a dress belt.
  • HEAVY DUTY NYLON THREAD - We believe in creating leather products that will last for years. That’s why any leather product we make uses Nylon thread.
  • (7) ADJUSTMENT HOLES - (7) adjustment holes have been incorporated into this belt. Each hole is (1) inch apart from the next, allowing the user to make easy adjustments to their desired fit. From the end of the belt (buckle side) to the center hole marks the size of the belt. That means that the user has (3) inches of adjustment both in and out.
  • REMOVEABLE BELT BUCKLE - Although the buckles that we include on our belts are very nice and of high quality, you may be wanting to add your personal touch to your new belt. That is why we have designed this belt with metal snaps so that you can change this our easily
  • NICKEL SNAPS & BELT BUCKLE - We use Nickel plated snaps and buckles because not only are they appealing to the eye but they are also non-corrosive and irritating to the skin.


Selecting the correct size belt is extremely easy and can be done in two quick steps. It is critical that you follow our sizing guidelines listed below and that you DO NOT SELECT YOUR BELT SIZE BASED SOLELY ON YOUR JEAN SIZE, AS THIS WILL RESULT IN ORDERING THE INCORRECT BELT SIZE!

Step 1 - Measure Your Current Belt:
Take your current belt and measure from the end where the leather folds over the buckle to the hole that you comfortably wear the belt on. If you plan on using this belt for carrying a gun, make sure that you measure to the hole that you use while doing so.

If you do not currently have a belt this same process can be done using a string or cord. Simply wrap this around your waist comfortably and mark where the ends meet. Using a measuring device, measure the string or cord from the end to the point that you marked. As with before, if you plan on carrying with this belt, take this measurement with the gun/holster on your body.

Step 2 - Order the Size Measured:
Regardless if you used the current belt that you have or a piece of string, order the belt size that you measured. Example: Your current belt measures 38” from the end of the leather that folds over the buckle, to the hole that you most comfortably wear your belt on. You will need to order a size 38” belt. It is important that you do not add or subtract any inches to this and to remember to always round up to the neares